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Hair loss

Female Hair Loss Affects 30 Million

Every woman has had a bad hair day or two, even if she has spent endless hours and hundreds of pounds on her hair. Having wonderful hair is essential for a woman’s self-esteem and self-worth. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 million women, or one in four, experience thinning or loss of hair...

Calorie counting

8 Calorie Burning Tips

These are all little behaviours that cumulatively make a significant impact and boost your metabolism over time. By increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories, you will be able to lose weight quicker and easier. Here are a few metabolic boosting strategies you may use right away. You’ve probably heard that drinking diet soda...


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

When their weight-reduction plan isn’t working, many people ask this question. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself to ask yourself “Why can’t I lose weight?” It demonstrates that you understand that what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you. You’re at a point in your weight-loss journey where you’re ready...

Cortisol Levels

Reducing Cortisol Levels Can Help You To Lose Weight

Stress has been shown to prevent weight loss, especially around the middle. Stress activates your body’s “flight or fight” response, which causes it to secrete high amounts of cortisol into your circulation. Psychological stress (mental and emotional) is sometimes referred to as a mental strain. Cortisol is a hormone that your body produces in order...


The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Amputee Rehabilitation

Some Physiotherapy Asthma Management Techniques May Be Questionable About 15 million people in the United Kingdom are concerned about asthma physiotherapy. Many sorts of medicines and other therapies are used to treat asthma. Some strategies, on the other hand, have not been adequately proven to work. Massage is sometimes advised Massage is sometimes advised for...


What you need to know about treadmills

The lifestyle of a typical person today is considerably different from that of years gone by. The time it takes to walk to the destination has been reduced as a result of owning a car. Outdoor activities have been replaced by televisions and PCs in people’s homes. Fast foods have become a significant element of...

Yoga weight loss

Find a Yoga Studio and Start Losing Weight Today

We all know that being overweight and obese was never a fashion trend in the first place, but they have now attracted many illnesses and issues to health. Yoga as a practice is essential “The art of living” that always provides solutions for mental concentration. It gives us methods to lose weight while remaining active....

Womens health

How Physiotherapy Can Help Women’s Health

Women’s health is a broad term that encompasses a variety of problems that may be treated by physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is there to support women of all ages through everything from pregnancy back pain to incontinence issues faced by older ladies. Women’s Health Issues On any given day, 13 million British suffer from bladder incontinence. Although...

Natural skin care

What is Natural skin care?

Simply put, skincare is natural and chemical-free. ‘Natural skin care’ advocates allowing the skin to look after itself (without the use of synthetic materials/ chemicals). It’s about instilling good habits in how you live your life day today. Many natural skincare techniques are identical to those used for body care in general. Let’s look at...